capture the flag 2007 october 12 2007

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Capture the Flag! Capture the Flag is a massive, adrenaline-pumping, urban game played on the streets of downtown Toronto. Two teams hide flags in their territory and attempt to capture the enemy flag using subways, streetcars, bicycles, longboards or their own two feet. Join us as we dash through the Financial District (the only 'hood in T.O that doesn't really have residences), evade the enemy, hide behind Toronto's skyscrapers, travel through the PATH and score a point.

Time + Date | Map | Player Guide | Help Us | The Video | About

Meet @ KING & BAY at 9:00 PM (SW corner)
$free + all ages! rain or shine

For more info, e-mail love @

facebook listing


The map is available online or as a printable, legal size pdf.


Participant Guide
Capture the Flag is an incredible, rare evening. The rules have changed! Please read this guide completely to make sure the game is fun, safe and fair.

Disclaimer: Like other activities, Capture the Flag carries with it the risk of personal injury. By choosing to participate, players acknowledge the associated dangers and release Newmindspace from all liability.

What to Bring
All participants are strongly encouraged to bring a cellphone and a flashlight. Players use phones to plan strategies. Also, the area is very dimly lit, and you will be glad you brought a flashlight or a head lamp. Additionally, if you are on wheels, please light up your bike!

Rules of Capture the Flag
Teams are divided in half at the meeting point. Each team will receive their captain's phone number and exchange numbers with teammates. Rules will be explained and the game will begin.

Planning time: There will be a 10-minute planning time when the game begins, during which each team will hide their flag. After 10 minutes, players may advance to enemy territory.

Hiding flags: Flags must be placed on the very corner of two streets with at least three points of approach. This means no dead ends or edges of the map. There may be no obstructions near the flag, such as street furniture or garbage.

Defending flags: Only five people may defend a flag at any time, and must stay at least 45 meters (150 feet) away at all times. This "bubble" will be marked in chalk.

No "corking" streets: Teams using human walls near their flags will be penalized by having their flag bubble widened.

Getting tagged: If you are on enemy territory and you are tagged, you must return to your side of the border before you can advance again. The border street is neutral, but the sidewalk on either side is not. One-hand tag only, no holding, grabbing or touching in any other way: please respect your fellow players' physical boundaries.

Modes of transport: Players may capture the flag using any form of transportation except for private, motorized vehicles. Please light up bicycles with a headlight and tail light for traffic safety.

Capturing the flag: A flag is considered captured once it enters your territory and a referee is notified above ground. Once the ref is notified, calls will be made to inform all players of the score and the flag will be returned immediately. The game will not pause when a flag is captured.

Jaywalking: Jaywalking is dangerous and illegal. Players have, in the past, gotten tickets for jaywalking by the police. Please do not run across major streets.

Cheating: There will be volunteer referees making sure the rules are followed; however, this is a free game! Please keep it fun and fair.

The Video

Special thanks to Red Apple Entertainment for filming this :)

Help Wanted
We need two kinds of help with this game: we need volunteers, and we need donations. If you want to volunteer, please e-mail us. There will be a planning meeting on Friday before the event at our loft.

We will once again be using glowing necklaces for safety (and because glowing things are fun!) These are fairly expensive, so please consider donating.

Wireless Internet
As an added bonus, the entire Capture the Flag 2007 map is a WiFi hotspot. Through the generosity of Toronto Hydro Telecom, we have been donated some usernames and passwords for OneZone to use during Capture the Flag! Thanks guys!

Project Background
Kevin Bracken
and Lori Cherilyn Kufner are the duo Newmindspace, which hosts free pillow fights, subway parties, capture the flag, bubble battles and more in New York and Toronto. Capture the Flag is an urban game played on city streets.

In the spirit of turning the city into a giant playground, Newmindspace has taken this favourite childhood game, placed it in an urban setting and multiplied the number of participants.

Since internet-promoted, cellphone-based, urban Capture the Flag was invented, Newmindspace's guide Metromorphosis has been used to play the game in New York, Toronto, Chicago, London, Montréal, Los Angeles, Denver, Minneapolis, Des Moines, and many other cities around the world.

for more info, e-mail love @

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dingo from Peoria Illinois

Posted: 07:52 pm [GMT] on April 18 2008

is it possible for you guys to do CTF in Peoria???

Kody from Nj

Posted: 06:39 am [GMT] on March 23 2008

please have one in NYC

janett from new york

Posted: 01:32 am [GMT] on March 22 2008

can we have one of these in NYC?!! it'd be totally awesome! or if you have, are you having another anytime soon?!

person from personville

Posted: 02:25 am [GMT] on February 23 2008

capture the flag is aweome
can't wait till 08 starts

zach from Aurora

Posted: 02:55 am [GMT] on October 18 2007

(expletive deleated)amazing night it was amazing cant wait to do it again

Big Stokes from T.O.

Posted: 01:27 am [GMT] on October 17 2007

Haven't had fun like that in a long time. Felt like a little kid again. Ran flat out from King to Richmond before getting tagged out by Pinks. Big up the Blue squad swarming up York Street. And much thanks to you organizers for thinking differently. Awesome time!


alex from toronto

Posted: 10:47 pm [GMT] on October 16 2007

awesome night, can't wait for the next event!!!

kevin from Newmindspace

Posted: 11:50 pm [GMT] on October 15 2007

> But why is the video from last year posted here?

That video is so high quality and I suspect we will not get one that good out of this year's game. Oh well! Send photos to love at newmindspace dot com :)

tamz from whitby

Posted: 08:18 pm [GMT] on October 15 2007

i was a total rookie to this event, and it was easily one of the single funnest nights of my life. can't believe i've missed the years before. for me, one of the highlights (of many, many highlights) was seeing how fast bonds gets formed between complete strangers over something as simple as a game. too bad the world can't function like that! to everyone who made that night happen, my sincerest gratitude.

Chico from Toronto

Posted: 08:33 am [GMT] on October 15 2007

Most fun I've had in a long time!

But why is the video from last year posted here?

J-M from Toronto

Posted: 06:37 am [GMT] on October 15 2007

I had a total blast at the event. I want to once again apologize to the small girl I smashed playing Red Rover. Despite that, the whole night was amazing and I look forward to CTF2008!

vardo be from Junction

Posted: 02:11 am [GMT] on October 15 2007

why do i get a spam message=(

rob from toronto

Posted: 11:51 pm [GMT] on October 14 2007

so much fun! do it again!! :)

aaron from north york baby

Posted: 09:07 pm [GMT] on October 14 2007

That was so much f-ing i was soooo happy i went!!!!! my friends bailed before so i went alone but chasing down blue dude after blue girl was so satisfying.

GO PINK. even though we lost. whatevs.

And to the four or five other Pinksters who guarded the flag with me, kudos. To zellers dude in red sweater. to girl in navy blue shirt. tall clean shaven dudes across the street. multi-haired girl guarding west side.

i got soooooo many of you bluies. "I'm coming to get you"

Steve from Location unknown

Posted: 05:21 pm [GMT] on October 14 2007

The estimate going around is that 1600 people attended.

madato from toronto

Posted: 05:06 am [GMT] on October 14 2007

was awesome man. had great fun. thanks everyone, good game everyone, and hope to do it again next year (or sooner :D:D)

I hurt my elbow and knee and I'm still really really achy in most of the muscles in my body. But it was more than worth it.

btw how many people were there, any estimates?

Anonymous from Markham

Posted: 04:52 am [GMT] on October 14 2007

Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn straight! One of the best nights ever! GO BLUE =] AND GO ROBO LOLOL.

Here's looking forward to the next event o:

Enso from Location unknown

Posted: 03:18 am [GMT] on October 14 2007

Oh man, OH man! OH MAN. What a game! WHAT a freaking game! I knocked the wind out of myself and LAUGHED.

Mike from Location unknown

Posted: 03:05 am [GMT] on October 14 2007

It was awesome. I lost my shoe booking it into an underground parking lot, and I ran the rest of the way with my shoe off. My foot hurts, but none-the-less the event WAS AWESOME.

Thanks to everyone who hosted.

axel from barcelona-toronto

Posted: 02:51 am [GMT] on October 14 2007

it was just amazing. can't wait for the next one! but it was almost impossible to break the pink lines in king and university!

thx a lot! and blues won!

Patrick from Ajax

Posted: 02:28 am [GMT] on October 14 2007

I found out about this yesterday like 3 hours before it was going to start. I couldn't get there in time (or convince my friends to go) so I hope you guys do something like this again soon.

Michael Niduaza from Richmond Hill

Posted: 01:03 am [GMT] on October 14 2007


Even though I never really got across the King Street border it was still fun haha. Next year is definitely a must :D.

Gray from toronto

Posted: 08:59 pm [GMT] on October 13 2007

My girlfriend chipped her two front teeth at the corner of Adelaide and younge!

Em from Toronto

Posted: 08:31 pm [GMT] on October 13 2007

Wow, tons of fun. Go team blue!

I would like to say "hi" to everyone who helped hold the stretch of Bay between King and Wellington, especially:
-legwarmers girl and her friend
-the girl at the corner in the red vest
-the guy with his glowstick around his wrist
-the kids who hid in the alcoves along the west side of Bay... amazing tactics!

Great night. Thanks!!!

wintermute from oshawa

Posted: 07:01 pm [GMT] on October 13 2007

This was awesome! i love capture the flag!

Mack from Oshawa

Posted: 04:20 pm [GMT] on October 13 2007

Definitly worth the travel. Too bad the path wasn't as open was we were hoping. (unless you like running from securety)

Zoeee from t dot

Posted: 03:08 pm [GMT] on October 13 2007

best fucking night of my life, thank you sooo much

Yat from Markham

Posted: 02:57 pm [GMT] on October 13 2007

an AWESOME night..thanks to new mindspace for being able to bring thousands of ppl tgether for this :)

I agree with roman though, the security guards were annoying. We ran past the back entrance of Royal York n some managers came out and were like "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?" and they thought we were stealing or something...

Jacques from No Man's Land

Posted: 02:18 pm [GMT] on October 13 2007

Another awesome event. The best part was when 200 or so people waved at the bicycle cops across the street.
Can't wait for pics and video links.
Thanks for the BBQ chips and have a good trip.

Vijay from Toronto

Posted: 08:45 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

That was ten kinds of awesome.
Go Blue!

Roman from North Toronto

Posted: 06:29 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

Steve, the number of attendees (based on glow stick usage) as of around 10 PM is 1600. It was a fun event but it would have been even better if cheating could be reduced and the security guards werent so aggressive.

Matthew Cohen from Mississauga

Posted: 05:32 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

As the captain of Pink....

First off, congrads to blue for pulling off the win.

The battle was hard fought, i have already heard stories of wounds, people hitting cars, falling in puddles and stomping in mud. I my self have suffered a damaged knee, and am really really feelingly now that the adrenaline has warn off.

To Lori and Kevin (In no order)
Thanks again guys for putting on another GREAT event, i cant wait for the next one. I love how you cna bring so many people together, make it fun, enjoyable, chaotic, and exciting all at the same time. As always, i support anything you two to. I am glad to be apart of

Thanks again to all the players. To anyone who attempted to reach my by phone, i was honestly answering as fast as my headset would allow. I know a missed calls, but i hope at some part you are able to get through.

I can't wait for the next one

Matthew Cohen
Pink captain

Steve from again

Posted: 05:17 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

By the way, do we have any idea how many people actually showed up in the end?

Steve from bloor-spadina

Posted: 05:10 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

Hey, it's me (ie. the ref with the shoulder bag who no one knew because he just moved here from Edmonton). Sorry I couldn't make it to Circa - I was denied access for being 'too casual'. Anyway, I'd love to stay involved with these events, so if you need any kind of help at all with the lightsaber battle or anything else that comes up, you've got my number now, and I'm on the mailing list. Cheers!

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 05:13 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

what a great night, how funny tragic was that game of red rover when that giant completly distroyed that girl?

Tyson! from Toronto, North York, meh

Posted: 04:59 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

Great night, thanks a bunch. I'll be sure to come to the next event =))

Scott from jersey

Posted: 04:40 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

wicked fun

tesssss from tdot

Posted: 04:27 am [GMT] on October 13 2007

amazing night.
thankyou so much.

Kevin from Newmindspace

Posted: 02:10 am [GMT] on October 12 2007

We got some :) from THT in fact!

Chris Orbz from Weston

Posted: 06:33 pm [GMT] on October 11 2007

Oh, and as for OneZone, unless you mean hack as in actually subverting the system, only one person can be logged into an account at a time... a few single-day accounts could be used if they were cleverly placed in the communication webs for each team, but no way you could just have everyone running around using them.

Chris Orbz from Weston

Posted: 06:30 pm [GMT] on October 11 2007

I find the "lots of places if you just look outside your comfort zone" thing funny. Why on earth would the financial district be their comfort zone, do these two look like accountants to you?

Steff Sin from Location unknown

Posted: 05:10 pm [GMT] on October 08 2007

There is no need to 'sign up.'
You will be divided up at the meeting place.

Matt from Etobicoke

Posted: 04:30 pm [GMT] on October 08 2007

I have work until 9:30PM, is it possible to arrive late?


dj jeph from toronto

Posted: 04:02 pm [GMT] on October 08 2007

missed it last year, can't wait for it this time!!

Enso from Fredericton

Posted: 05:01 pm [GMT] on October 07 2007

I'm visiting my cousins in Toronto that weekend, I ran it over with them, they think it's a great idea! I'm DEFINITELY attenting :3 What is there to do afterwards?

mack from oshawa

Posted: 04:19 pm [GMT] on October 06 2007

alright we'll see lol

Kevin from Newmindspace

Posted: 05:42 pm [GMT] on October 05 2007

Go home in the morning :) There's lots of stuff to do afterward.

mack from oshawa...

Posted: 02:00 pm [GMT] on October 05 2007

how late does this stuff go? cuzz i gotta figure otu how to get home if i'm coming

madato from East York, Toronto

Posted: 09:32 am [GMT] on October 05 2007

Will definitely be there. I think the location last time was the best choice. We're all adults here and jaywalking is a personal choice, newmindspace should not be held responsible. That said the busy downtown area added to the whole game in an incredible way. A park would suck. A warehouse maybe. CTF will not be fun with few obstacles/hiding places and multiple paths.

I'll definitely be there anyway with a few other people. The people I dragged to it last year were amazed and subscribed to newmindspace's newsletter right away.

The only thing that wasn't working last year was the glow in the dark sticks. There weren't enough first of all and they weren't obvious enough, especially the way some people were wearing it. Maybe a birght colour shirt would be better.

See you all there.

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 07:46 am [GMT] on October 05 2007

ok, understood, point taken, and partly in agreement. Didnt your first CTF take place @ UofT? not quite concrete. There are about 9 groups that put on urban ctf in TO and most are done in parks. And Ive never know the rule of ctf not being played in a park to be cardinal, my dad and uncle have played in forests for decades.

Kevin from Newmindspace

Posted: 11:16 pm [GMT] on October 04 2007

Anonymous - apologies, what I mean is, one of the cardinal rules of urban CTF is that is never be played in a park, or anything remotely like it.

This game is wonderful and unique because it is played on the street grid of our city. Anything less would be, in a word, unacceptable.

sam from markham

Posted: 09:06 pm [GMT] on October 04 2007

ah, i've never been able to make it out to an event, and it's the same this time around.

have fun everyone!

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 08:18 pm [GMT] on October 04 2007

Um hello. You obviously dont know what URBAN means, and if you do, your totally using it wrong. Again, theres the CNE, the portlands, around the distillery, many industrial areas. Pray no one dies this year.

Kevin from Newmindspace

Posted: 07:37 pm [GMT] on October 04 2007

lol - urban capture the flag in a PARK?! who writes this stuff?!

laru from work

Posted: 07:18 pm [GMT] on October 04 2007

oh anonymous, you apparently don't know your newmindspace trivia!

the idea is to find a great place that's -urban- (think high rises and parking lots) rather than greenspaces and parks. although great for other things, this is about being in the -city- and using it differently.

i'm all for the business district, can't wait!


Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 07:45 am [GMT] on October 04 2007

No where else to play away from residential? Duh, high park, cherry beach and waterfront park, centre island, CNE, ashbridges bay park, prospect cemetary, mount pleasant cemetary, lots of places if you just look outside your comfort zone

ellioterbear from the woods

Posted: 09:53 pm [GMT] on October 02 2007


Kevin Bracken from Newmindspace

Posted: 07:04 pm [GMT] on October 02 2007

I have no idea why people think they need to sign up, lol.

eliza from burlington

Posted: 06:46 pm [GMT] on October 02 2007

do we need to sign up????i neeed to be there

Schlee Baldwin from Krang Nation

Posted: 02:58 pm [GMT] on October 02 2007

Yo this'll be slammin!
What sort of identification will people be given? Neon bracelets worked perfectly for the business district one but I know they are a bigger expense for you guys. Please try and get them again if you can. Thanks again for putting this on!

Sasha from bedtime land

Posted: 09:35 am [GMT] on October 02 2007

well we all know i am pretty useless but i will bring a pinaapple and cotton candy to the loft. :D im so helpfull

kevin s from toronto

Posted: 03:39 am [GMT] on October 02 2007

do i need to sign up or do i just show up?

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 03:29 am [GMT] on October 02 2007


kevin from toronto

Posted: 02:20 am [GMT] on October 02 2007

there is no other downtown 'hood in toronto without residential units - it's really the only choice. don't jaywalk!

Anonymous from Location unknown

Posted: 01:31 am [GMT] on October 02 2007

business district was very dangerous last year. bad idea to hold it there again

Mady from Mississauga

Posted: 12:34 am [GMT] on October 02 2007

I'm so excited.

DJ Zave from Mississauga

Posted: 05:34 pm [GMT] on October 01 2007

WICKED, I can't wait.

tello from Location unknown

Posted: 03:46 pm [GMT] on October 01 2007





newmindspace is kevin bracken and lori kufner