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toronto subway | march 28 2006

On March 28th 2006,
we had a Dr. Seuss-themed party on a subway car to celebrate the birthdays of the subway and Lori.

With lots of love, you made this night magical! Thank you everybody :)


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Happy Birthday Lori
Subway Party! Today
1. Time, date and location
2. The poem
3. The fine print
4. What to bring
Decoration ideas
4. Costume suggestions
5. Music

Time, Date & Location


past parties: ridetherocket | ridethereindeer | faerietale

The Poem
Little Lori-Lou Who who was not more than 2(enty)
Is having a birthday
and the fun will be plenty!
Bring her a present that's fuzzy and pink
She also likes stars and cats, what do you think?

52 years and another four stops
The subway extension will surely be tops!
Oh, the places you'll go! And the places you've been
Happy birthday, dear subway, let the party begin!

Come join newmindspace in our big celebration
Meet at the last car, at the tippy-top station!
Bring bubbles, and “bicycles! Roller skates! Drums!
Checkerboards! Tricycles! Cameras! And plums!”

The nicest of things is when you get involved
And we’ll see at the end how our party’s evolved!
So wear your Seuss costumes and bring your Seuss props
And make Seuss decorations with tubers and zots!

Every Who down in Whoville and foxes in socks
The Grinch stealing Christmas and fun in a box!
Sneetches, the Lorax, Thing One and Thing Two
The Cat in the Hat, the red fish and the blue!

Respect all the folks at the ol' TTC
Keep the train clean and alcohol-free
Clean up the subway, please don't make a mess
And that emergency alarm, don't give it a press!

“If you never did, you should!
These things are fun and fun is good.”
Come have a great time and open your mind
Come have more fun than the whole world combined! top

The Fine Print

You may join the party at any station along the Yonge-University line, just wait by the last car. Please respect transit workers and keep the train clean. Smoke- and alcohol-free please. This event is free and appropriate for all ages. top

What to Bring

Bring decorations, costumes and props! Cameras make great memories for all of us! Food and soft drinks that aren't messy are a plus. We are celebrating two birthdays, so a small present might be in order ;-) top

Decoration Ideas

Dr. Seuss books are filled with magical machines, pastel hues, arches and curvy lines. Pool noodles (Canadian Tire for $2), long tubes (Canadian Tire), striped objects of any kind, furry things of any kind (Fabric stores), helium balloons (party stores) and Seuss books (library) are great! Anything that says "Happy Birthday" would be awesome too! top

Costume Suggestions

Striped hats are sold at It's My Party (423 Danforth Ave., Chester subway station)

Seuss characters are often furry! You can be the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, Thing 1 or Thing 2, Yertle the Turtle, a star-bellied sneetch (or one without!), some kind of fish. Check out a list of Dr. Seuss books, or Google "Dr. Seuss" and check out the images.

Cindy-Lou Who and the Fox in Socks are already taken :) top


Music will be provided by our soundsystem, newsoundspace, which is a battery cell, a subwoofer, two speakers and an iPod. We will be playing whatever Lori wants to hear :) top

for more info, e-mail love @