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Tune in. Turn on. Rock Out.

We couldn't help it! We promised you one more holiday event before the end of the year :) We formally invite you to join us for a winter holiday gift exchange and a Massive Party in Union Station!

Please bring a personal music player loaded with your favourite tunes, a costume and a gift to exchange :)

  • dance like crazy :)
  • zero disruption to train service
  • leave no trace
  • $free + appropriate for all ages

Liverpool Street station, London on 11/10/06. 2,000 people.
by Mobile Clubbing

for more info, e-mail love @ newmindspace.com

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Brittney from Edmonton

Posted: 06:50 pm [GMT] on January 30 2007

i would right a message about awsomeness, but i think im gunna puke all over my keyboard:( being sick is NOTFUN!!!...

Will from Toronto

Posted: 10:34 am [GMT] on January 06 2007

When is the Toronto Video comin out ?

lord from north york

Posted: 03:21 am [GMT] on January 06 2007

aww I had to work at 1 am and didnt wake until midnight.. still i bet it was fun =]

kevin from long island

Posted: 04:40 pm [GMT] on December 22 2006

we are just waiting for the video :)

Xin from Location unknown

Posted: 03:35 am [GMT] on December 22 2006

Are there gonna be any other pics ?

kevin from toronto

Posted: 07:48 am [GMT] on December 17 2006

there are a few at flickr.com/photos/tags/newmindspace :)

Nezzie from Teedawt

Posted: 03:30 am [GMT] on December 17 2006

Where can I find the pictures!!!

Stacy from Toronto

Posted: 02:15 am [GMT] on December 17 2006

I've wanted to waltz at Union Station since the first time I entered that fabulous main hall - thanks again, Lori & Kevin, for another fantastic night!

Eden from Toronto

Posted: 09:03 pm [GMT] on December 16 2006

I had a hell of a great time last night. Thx, and looking forward to next time!

uwajedi from Toronto

Posted: 08:47 pm [GMT] on December 16 2006

It looked like great fun, and kudos to security for playing it cool. I've posted some event pics on flickr... www.flickr.com/photos/uwajedi/

Robin from Toronto

Posted: 08:19 pm [GMT] on December 16 2006

I had a blast last night! Looking forward to the next one. :) Did anyone catch CTV's segment about it that night on the 11:30 PM news? We have it on our TiVo but don't have any ripping tools at the moment - hopefully somebody else has it and can toss it on Youtube for everyone that missed it.

Xphox from Toronto

Posted: 06:42 pm [GMT] on December 16 2006

I had so much fun last night! Thank you Kevin, and Lori! <3

Anthony from Toronto

Posted: 03:51 pm [GMT] on December 16 2006

had a great great great time...was fun met lots of new people


Posted: 08:02 am [GMT] on December 16 2006

Here's one video from the party up on Youtube! youtube.com/watch?v=E-SjQw_C3oA

thank you all so very much! :}

pedram! from toronto

Posted: 07:30 am [GMT] on December 16 2006


Ian from Toronto (etobicoke)

Posted: 05:57 am [GMT] on December 16 2006

That was awsome guys, best night Ive had in a while.

Cloverbell from Oakville

Posted: 03:20 am [GMT] on December 16 2006

This looks so awesome!

kevin from toronto

Posted: 11:46 pm [GMT] on December 15 2006

sorry about that! we have deleted over 100 spam messages today and sometimes real ones get caught up in the fray!

we are not entirely certain about the after-party? the best way to find out is to e-mail them directly via their website

Kerosene from Earth

Posted: 11:23 pm [GMT] on December 15 2006

My earlier comment was deleted?!

I was wondering if at any point uberave's event will take us out of doors into the cold, or stay in Union and the PATH.

kevin from toronto

Posted: 10:05 pm [GMT] on December 15 2006

malchior: i think you must be confusing us with some one else!

Random from Toronto

Posted: 09:17 pm [GMT] on December 15 2006

Because Listening To Your iPod and dancing in a subway station is the latest in anarchy.

Il be there and I will be marching with the Misfit Toys !!!!

Malchior from NY

Posted: 09:08 pm [GMT] on December 15 2006

seems that since the crowd has grown, you guys have become less 'simple fun', and more 'small-a anarchists' who make the public frown, rather than smile. You are no longer lovable rogues.

Danidoomish from Toronto

Posted: 06:59 pm [GMT] on December 15 2006

What a fabulous idea. TOo bad I can't make it, I had surgery yesterday :(

Santa from The North Pole

Posted: 05:47 am [GMT] on December 15 2006

I'll be listening to trance.

kevin from queen west

Posted: 09:14 pm [GMT] on December 14 2006

we have definitely used up our ttc points this year, so we are saving the next subway party until 2007 :) there is an afterparty or three in the works, though!

Bambi from Ottawa

Posted: 04:31 pm [GMT] on December 14 2006

Man, I wish I could go! That looks so kick ass

Justin from Toront0

Posted: 06:25 am [GMT] on December 14 2006

Dress up as misfit toys / broken toys of christmas for extra points. as there will be a special dance party for anyone who follows suit !!!!!!!!

We at Uberave will love you forever. <3

T-Rex from The Rothko Institute

Posted: 05:49 am [GMT] on December 14 2006

there will be some insane shit after this party courtesy of The Rothko Institute+Uberave. Follow the music.

Charissa from Toronto

Posted: 03:36 am [GMT] on December 14 2006

why not after this we all go party on the subway? It sounds fun

Jam from Toronto

Posted: 02:30 am [GMT] on December 14 2006

We need a Santa with a turn table...

elliot from all night fung

Posted: 05:12 am [GMT] on December 13 2006

I need to start charging my iPod.

Camille from Location unknown

Posted: 12:30 am [GMT] on December 13 2006

I get Godiva half price, so if you guys can find me, ask for some chocolates. ;)

Air`leth from Bountyland

Posted: 10:10 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

battery-powered turntables that are built into briefcases. Imagine the awesome. You'd be walking around casually with your briefcases and then... :O hooked up to portable speakers, you may even win the internet.

This sounds fun, and I will be there. I may bring my driving music.

hollyonfire from bubblegumland

Posted: 09:35 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

sounds fun, i'll try to make it

Chelsea from Oakville

Posted: 09:29 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

Yeah, basically everyone just is doing their own little thing looks like. It's going to be amazing!

Emma from Kensington

Posted: 09:25 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

I love presents! I asked Santa for a new electric train set and the board game Pretty Pretty Princess. I wonder if he'll be there on Friday.

Kerosene from Earth

Posted: 09:19 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

So there's outward silence but each person is dancing to the tunes in his or her own player?


kevin from toronto

Posted: 08:35 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

whoever brings one of those portable battery-powered turntables wins so many awesome points :)

lori* from IKEAland! (our appartment rocks even mor

Posted: 07:58 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

who wants to make me some mixtapes to listen to?! i'm bringing my walkman!

Toye from Toronto

Posted: 06:17 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

Ill try and make it when Im finished work. :D

Xofer from Toronto

Posted: 04:38 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

I wish I could make it to this. I'll be entrusting someone there to be repping the breakbeats, even if only for a moment!

nicki from Location unknown

Posted: 12:51 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

oh god this is going to be hilarious.

Ian from Toronto (Etobicoke)

Posted: 12:22 pm [GMT] on December 12 2006

Awsome! Im gonna make it to the final party!

Im not too familiar with Union Station but hopefully Ill be able to find you guys. And of course Ill be bringing the music of drum and bass aswell as some others.

This will be kickass.

Elliot from The Rothko Institute

Posted: 05:53 am [GMT] on December 12 2006

Can dec8's epicness be beat? we can try.



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