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March 28, 1986 // Toronto

Lori Kufner is originally from Ontario and moved to downtown Toronto in 2005 to maintain her hip metrocanadian lifestyle. She is currently studying sociology at the University of Toronto.

Lori is a happy girl with pink hair and amazing friends. Veg* and an atheist, believing in balance, peace & purpose. Everyone has something to teach her and she has something to teach everyone.

Lori loves big adventures in big cities, making clothes & costumes (sewing, knitting), silk screening, playing the piano, drinking tea, reading & NOT watching television. Harm reduction. Nature. Technology. Fun and magic of all kinds.

Making the dance music community a safer place with the TRIP! Project & making Toronto's public spaces better with the Toronto Public Space Committee. Always have fun and always remember to catch stars at every opportunity! <3

jobz : lori does fashion. résumé

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