queen of hearts feb 13 2008

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Subway party tonight! Dress in your spookiest, scariest, fun furriest costume and join us for a late night ride beneath the streets of Toronto. Bring candy, decorations and a friend to this Halloween celebration. Bangin' electro tunes will blast from the Rothko Institute + VelcroRocket portable soundsystem, and we will ghost ride the train!

You may join the party at any station, but the fun starts at Kipling :)

Last year's went perfectly! This is because we followed some simple guidelines for the TTC's sake:

+ No smoking *anything*
+ No open alcohol, tickets have been written before
+ Keep off the seats, really!
+ Mind the emergency alarm
+ Leave no trace
+ Don't hold doors open or leave the train

Costumes are mandatory :)

For those of you going to the 7:00 Rocky Horror, please keep this a secret. Please don't create a Facebook event. For those of you looking for an afterparty, there's a lot of stuff happening in the Queen + Dufferin area!

We will be riding in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Montréal, who are having a métro party at the same time :)

Happy Halloween!

for more info, e-mail love (at) newmindspace.com