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October 9, 1986 // New York

Kevin Bracken is originally from Long Island, New York and co-founded Newmindspace during his 5-year studies in Toronto, Canada, where he contributed to numerous projects aimed at improving public life such as the TRIP! Project and the Toronto Public Space Committee. In January of 2009, he returned to New York to work on Refuge, a multi-purpose center for the arts in Brooklyn, where Newmindspace is now headquartered.

He delights in late-night techno dance parties, blowing large volumes of bubbles with brightly-colored machines, website design and technology, public infrastructure and transit, tall buildings, big cities, boardwalks, electronic music, the earth, beauty, and adventures of all kinds.

: kevin (at)
ny: 516 312 0693

newmindspace is kevin bracken and lori kufner